Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Laforet releases 5DII video

Ok, Vincent Laforet has finally convinced Canon to release the video he shot with the new 5D mark II. I have to say that for $5,000 and less than 48 hours from conception to editing, it is pretty impressive stuff. The artistic and technical quality is superb, and I’m sure Laforet will get offers to shoot video for clients because of it. So for him this will have been $5k well spent in my opinion.

See the full video here. See behind the scenes here

The popularity of the video has convinced Smugmug, who are hosting the film for him, to set up a $25,000 funding for him to pull together a team to produce his next film...so he’s already on his way.

The main lesson to take away here: if you make great work and get it front of the right people then good things will happen. But you need to do both – there is no point shooting beautiful pictures is nobody who can hire you ever sees them. Likewise, when you do meet with a potential client, only ever show them your very best work.

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