Monday, 29 September 2008


As a photographer, your website is your greatest marketing tool. For most clients it is the first impression of you they will get.

Whether you have phoned an art director to drop off your book, or emailed an editor requesting an appointment, the first thing they will do is ask to see your website. They’re not going to waste their time seeing you work in person unless they like your site,. So you want to have something that looks slick and professional, and presents your images in the best possible way.

Robert Benson has provided a handy summary of the photographer-focused website packages on the market at the moment. I agree with his assessment of Fluid Galleries – the package we both use. It works pretty well, but I would like to have bigger images and be able to bulk-upload images, rather than one at a time as I am forced to do now.

Well worth a read if you are in the market for a new site.