Thursday, 18 December 2008

Portfolios revisited

Following on from my post a couple of weeks ago, I went ahead and ordered another portfolio from Plastic Sandwich. It took about a week and arrived here by courier on Monday. Total cost was £315 ex. VAT.

For those of you just getting into professional photography, that might seem like a large outlay, but if you needed more evidence to convince you to spend the money on a decent portfolio then here it is. Jen Jenkins, founder of creative reps Giant Artists, is interviewed on Too Much Chocolate (great resource for emerging photographers by the way). Talking about portfolios she says:

"The portfolio tells me a lot about the photographer and how ready they are for representation. I’ve seen a lot of top-notch websites and then really poorly compiled portfolios. The artist portfolio is just as important, and should be professional and well-edited. The prints should be of a consistent and high quality..... It takes quite an upfront investment to pull together your promotional materials, which is so so important in competing in this industry."

Read the full interview here (courtesy of A Photo Editor)

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