Monday, 14 December 2009

Where now for emerging photographers?

A lot of traditional magazines are dying - the drop in print ad revenue is not matched by the increase in online ad revenue. The result is smaller budgets, and less money to spend on creating interesting and original content.

And as a photographer who generates quite a lot of my income from editorial shooting, that can makes things pretty tough. Magazines are using more and more stock photos and commission less and less. Those that do still commission often take the copyright of the images, cutting off a source of future income in stock.

As well as all of that, magazines are the way many people have traditionally gotten into a career in photography. The reduction in commissioning is removing what has traditionally been one of the key steps on the career ladder.

For anyone getting in to photography and looking to get their first editorial clients, Tim Kemple, an adventure sports shooter from Salt Lake City whose blog I have followed for a while, tells it like it is.

"The modern day magazine, the one charging thousands a page for advertising, while paying out hundreds a page for photography, in a book that is 50% advertising is on its last legs…"

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