Thursday, 21 January 2010

Billboards are BIG!

The shoot I did for the Jamaica Tourist Board has finally come to fruition, with 48-sheet billboard posters all over London and the south east at the moment. It's great to see my work all around the city and printed so large - those billboards are seriously large! They've used a few shots for the billboards, with more as adverts in magazines. Nice.


  1. Awesome mate, that's pretty cool seeing that the hard work paid off!

    We need to meet up for beers soon.

  2. Man! Congratulations! It must be a great feeling. Good Luck!

  3. Thanks Adam and Scott. Yep - it feels pretty good!

    Adam - give me a bell when you are around.

  4. These ads are now appearing on the tube and in most of the travel magazines - nice.