Thursday, 11 February 2010

New website now live!

After a couple of weeks on "soft launch", I'm happy to announce my new website is now live! It was due to be launched last month, but spending 2 weeks in India threw a bit of a spanner in the works of my schedule.

Why go to all the bother of a new website?

For one, I wanted to be able to show my images much larger. The old site limited pictures to have a height of 440 pixels. On todays 24 inch monitors, 440 pixels is pretty small. With most art buyers and picture editors (the main people who hire travel photographers) sitting in front of large screens with super fast broadband connections, there's no reason not to have huge images.

Secondly I wanted a site that looked a bit slicker and more professional. I hired a graphic designer, Ed Robin, to design a new logo with matching business cards, letterhead, DVD labels and so forth to match. So I feel I present a slicker brand to my clients.

I've posted before about the options for hosted portfolio websites. In the end I went with A Photo Folio, as I felt they had pretty much all the features I wanted at a price considerably lower than industry leader Livebooks.

Let me know what you think.


  1. Looks super!
    I'd have to agree that A Photo Folio offers far more value for dollar.

  2. Rob - glad you liked it! Yes, Libebooks is looking pretty poor value at the moment with very fully featured options from APF and Clickbooq coming in at half the price or less. The differentiator at Livebooks is they actually give you time with a designer to help you work through the look and feel of your site and even customise the Flash coding if necessary. With APF you simply get the template and a control panel to customise it - you're pretty much on your own.

  3. Agreed, looks really good. I use them too and Rob at A Photo Folio provides fantastic customer service despite him being on the opposite side of the world from me. That's what swung the decision in my case.

  4. Hi Owen - love your site too - very clean design with fast loading images considering the size of them. And some pretty slick shots too. Nice work! Julian

  5. Cheers Julian. There's a DIFC Gate building shot in Dubai on there somewhere, think I mentioned it a while back in regards to a shot of yours set there.