Monday, 7 June 2010

Back from Rio - new video online

I'm now back ion London after an epic 8-week shoot in Brazil - 5 weeks shooting in Rio city and 3 weeks travelling around the rest of Rio state.

Here in the UK we tend to only hear about the city, but there are some beautiful places to visit within a few hours drive of Rio. My favourites were Ilha Grande - a giant tropical island with heavenly beaches - and Paraty - a perfectly preserved colonial town.

The various tourist boards in Rio were a huge help in organising the logistics, especially Miriam Cutz at TurisRio, but also a big thanks to Patricia Rodrigues at RioTur and Andrea Revoredo at the Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau. And thanks also to all those who put up with my terrible Portuguese!

I had a couple of days free at the end to experiment with shooting some video with the Canon 5D mark II. This is only my second foray into video so it's pretty basic. I have another one from India which I shot earlier this year with my friend Rich Hadley at Ballistic that I'll  post soon.

Pictures to follow over the next couple of weeks.

Once upon a time in Rio from Julian Love on Vimeo.


  1. Hi Julian, I've been following your blog for a while now, very nice pictures and interesting stories you have! I have to say that I'm curious how you manage your workflow when you go on a long assignment like the Brazilian one. After 8 weeks you must end up with 10'th thousands of pictures. When is that you edit and process your pictures? do you do it every day after shooting, or do you do it all after you come back? How long does it actually takes to handle such a task? I hope you can comment on that and keep up the good work! Didi.

  2. Hi Didi. Good question - after 8 weeks shooting I came back with 16,000 images and a couple of hours of video - about 450GB in all. I store all the images on a pair of external drives, one as primary storage and the other as a backup. I wrote a post a little while back that talks a bit more about it here: - I'll do an updated version soon. Julian

  3. Sou brasileiro e moro no Rio de Janeiro. Gostei muito das suas fotos. Parabéns! Adoro fotografar a minha cidade. Se puder, dê uma olhada no meu blog.

    Um abraço