Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Favela painting

While I was in Rio I visited the latest site of the awesome Favela Painting project with Rio Times journalist Doug Gray.

Favela Painting was founded by Dutch duo Haas & Hahn who met while collaborating on a film about hip-hop for MTV, shot in the favelas in Rio. Wanting to contribute something to the communities which they met, they designed a giant mural and enrolled the locals to help them build it. Since then they have completed 2 other projects, the most recent of which you see here. 

They provide the design, and then employ the locals do all the painting - providing them with employment, a new skill set and increasing the value of the houses in the process. It's a great scheme and now they are looking to do projects in other cities in South America.

Check out Favela Painting on Facebook and read Doug Gray's article about the latest project for the Rio Times here.

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  1. Beautiful idea. Beautiful hearts. All minds are connected. All minds need to be uplifted.