Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Runner's World gear shoot

Last month I was lying face down in the mud shooting a 5-page gear spread for Runner's World.

The brief was to create a set of sport fashion images showing the season's latest gear in dramatic lighting. So we headed into the woods south of London and shot 4 setups using a mix of Elinchrom Ranger Quadras and Canon Speedlights, all triggered by the ever reliable Pocket Wizard Plus IIs.

I had about an hour to chose locations and set up lights before the models arrived, and was looking for places where the trees of the forest could provide a backdrop we could sculpt with the lighting. Once the models arrived, we only had 30 minutes per setup, including time for changes in outfits, locations and lighting between each shot. 

After 4 static shots we wanted an action shot for the final picture to open the feature. The light had dropped sufficiently by this time we took the models out of the woods and had them running across the park. The shot we got is at the top of the post.

All in all the whole shoot lasted three hours from start to finish - pretty damn quick if you ask me!  Check the full feature out in this month's Runner's World and see the pictures in higher resolution on the website here.

A big thanks to RW art director Russell Fairbrother, my assistant for the day Adam Swords, and models Guillaume and Julia from Snoop.


  1. Excellent work Julian,

    Any chance of a foolow up p[ost expaining how you set up the lighting?


  2. Hi Dave - the lighting was actually pretty straightforward. An Elinchrom Ranger Quadra through a 90cm softbox as the key light, with speedlites used for rim lights and lighting up the background. It was very dark inside the woods so it was easy to drop the ambient have have the pictures appear to be shot at night.