Thursday, 17 February 2011

Ice Cave

I'm out in Verbier at the moment, one of Europe's biggest ski resorts, trying to shoot for one of my ski company clients. The only problem we have - which we share with most of the Alps - is that we have NO SNOW!

The last major dump was at Christmas, and since then we've only had about 3cm of fresh. The 45 consecutive days of sunshine we've been enjoying is the most ever recorded in Verbier.

So today I decided to do something a bit different and skinned up to a small tunnel in the mountain that a friend had told me about. The interesting thing about the tunnel is that it's filled with giant ice stalagmites - some of them over 3m tall. It's a rather spooky place and feels like something from the set of Aliens.

I went there first a couple of days ago, but the only camera I had with me was my iPhone. So today I went back and shot it with a 'real' camera... I rather like the results, and hope you do too.


  1. awsome, like frozen aliens waiting to come alive again :). good to see new pics!


  2. Thx Masa! It's a cool little place...