Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Scilly Isles extras

Inevitably when you shoot for magazines they can't always run all of your favourite images. For a 6 page feature, they might only be able to use 10 pictures, and those have to tie in with the storyline the writer has chosen. So here are some of my favourite images from the Scilly Isles shoot for Lonely Planet Magazine, only a few of which actually made it into the feature. You can see the whole set in much higher resolution in the recent work section of the website.


  1. Wow, really love these. Shame they didnt get published but I can see how the other shots fitted the feature better

  2. Ian, glad you enjoyed them. It's always a bit frustrating when your favourite shots don't make it in, but at least these days we get to show them on the web.

    American portrait photographer Dan Winters is known for only submitting a single shot after an assignment, so their forced to use the one he wants - not all of us have that kind of relationship with our art directors though...!