Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Landscapes from the Isle of Lewis

I spent a few days on the Isle of Lewis over Easter while visiting friends. Before I went I didn't know much about the place, but I'm pleased to report that Lewis, along with it's neighbour Harris, is absolutely beautiful! I managed to spend a couple of days photographing some landscapes while I was there, you can see the full set here.


  1. I should point out that yes, some of these pictures did involve getting wet feet!

  2. Good set. Some of these are just exquisite. I enjoyed shooting the Lewis ferry from Ullapool when I was staying near the Rhue lighthouse at the exit of Loch Broom: cf the first few shots here -

  3. Thanks Mark - glad you enjoyed them. And thanks for the link! When the ferry pulls into Stornoway it dwarfs the town...